UPDATE: See how Jackie and her Family are doing

Jackie Family

UPDATE: See how Jackie and her Family are doing today!

“Skinny Fiber has changed my health and finally after years of gaining weight , no matter how hard I tried to lose it-I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 15 years ago– i had gained a lot of weight. Skinny Fiber has helped to correct many issues that were causing it. Skinny Fiber helped correct my low thyroid function and corrected the hormones that were causing the weight gain due to menopause. It has really changed my life and now down 3 sizes. It took me 4 months but took me years to gain it so that is fine and the slower and healthier you lose it the easier it is to keep off!! My dad is 84. He only takes half the recommended daily dose of SF and yet he’s lost weight, his cholesterol and triglycerides are down, his blood sugar is the lowest it’s been in years his blood pressure is normal and his waist has shrunk from 42″ to 34″ in just a couple months. Down 35 pounds with no diet or exercise—-just skinny fiber.His blood sugar is normal !! My moms cholesterol went from 317 to 244 in just 2 months on Skinny Fiber and my sister who had suffered from terrible migraines on a weekly basis has not taken any of the several meds she was prescribed for migraines since being on Skinny Fiber. So many have turned their health around and lost weight- Oh and off thyroid meds– pain pills and hot flashes that were horrible are all but gone!! I have friends with so many issues that Skinny Fiber is really helping with!!
My dad – 85
{Jackie} at 50
My sister Judy- 49
and baby sister Jeanie 44”

Jackie Stewert


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