Quick low carb breakfast on the run!!!


Quick low carb breakfast on the run
These can be in fridge for a few days too!!!
Make on Sunday night
Eat them every morning if they last!

Instead of adding bacon around the edges and possibly getting a super messy pan add slice of meat for a egg cup muffin!

What a great idea!
“Here’s an improvement on the egg muffin recipe

I didn’t have this issue: but Apparently quite a few people had problems w/ the egg muffins sticking to the pan in my previous recipe. Then one brilliant contributor made the suggestion of “lining” the cup-cake pan w/ slices of ham! So I tried it – w/ slices of turkey too!

So here’s what I did this time:

***Spray muffin pan w/ coconut oil spray (or Pam – but the coconut oil is healthier & works better IMHO)
***Line each cubby with a slice of ham or turkey or whatever
***Add RAW Veggies of your choice (they will cook to perfection during the baking process)
***In a blender: mix approx 1 egg per “muffin” w/ either a splash of milk OR dollop of sour cream OR plain Greek yogurt
***pour egg mixture into each muffin cubby just to the rim
***top with your favorite cheeses

Bake in oven at 425 for approx 20 minutes”
Credit CTFitness

For Friends on the same mission join us at Lose Weight Easily Support Group on FB link at top of blog!!!


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