Quiche me baby, I really Leek you!

This was my first attempt at using leeks in any of my recipes but my friend Mollie raves about them in quiche.I have bought them 4 or 5 times and always thrown them out because they were foreign to me. I wasn’t sure how or what to do with them.

If you read Avocado Chocolate Mousse Yesterday than you heard that  Mollie had been here with me testing out a recipe. We enjoyed a few cups of fresh brewed loose leaf tea on the patio which was nice. The  weather has gone from heat wave last week to cool and fall like here in south western Connecticut. Mollie is my own personal google when it comes to a lot of things especially in the cooking department. She also helps me with my daughter and garden issues. I think I may have convinced her to  begin her own  blog here as well! You’ll be very happy with her, shes got a lot of great knowledge in that pretty little head of hers! She showed me how to cut the leeks today.

Back to the Leeks. A leek is related to an onion but not as strong. We don’t really do onions in this house so I thought maybe leeks would be the answer.

Here was my mission 

Make a yummy  quiche with whats in my fridge freezer including the leeks. Ahhh!

It actually came out really good!


3 Leeks

1 bunch of scallions

1 cup mushrooms chopped

1 chicken sausage chopped

1 box of frozen chopped spinach

1 Tbsp minced garlic


coconut oil

5 eggs

1/4 cup light cream

pinch salt

dash pepper

Garden herbs I used basil, german thyme, lemon thyme, parsley, thai basil, oregano and basil chopped — You can use dried Italian seasoning if don’t have the fresh herbs handy.

1/2 cup shredded mozzerella

1/4 cup Parmesan shake cheese

1 tbsp garlic powder

olive oil pan spray

 Here’s how it happened at my house


5 dollups of whipped salted butter and a little coconut oil


This is one of the 3 Leeks
Cut about here
Wash -separate layers to remove all the dirt
then cut slightly above the roots


Slice Leeks up like an onion add to hot pan with butter and oil also add minced garlic at this time



threw leeks in food processor and added them back to pan with the chopped spinach until hot then set aside in a bowl

I chopped up hot leeks in food processor so my anti onion hubby wouldn’t notice… you don’t have to do this but do make sure to cook them well.


Sausage I had in my freezer Chicken Smoked Hardwood sausage

You’ll probably never see a beef or pork recipe on my blog because I haven’t eaten the stuff for 15 years and I have no intentions of anytime soon. I have gotten better though 4 years ago I would’ve just thrown this out because it was in a beef collagen casing now i simply peel it which takes a long time but makes me feel better.

You can skip this step and just toss the pieces in the food processor then into the hot pan with a  little more coconut oil. ( or whatever oil you prefer I’m on the band wagon with CO lately )


This is what the sausage should look like after the food processor
Slightly brown it (its already cooked)
place in bowl on top of spinach leek mixture

Chop up and saute mushrooms with a little butter in the pan then put on top  of the sausage in the bowl.


Chop up a bunch of scallions too and set aside

Then we went out to the garden and picked some herbs.

German Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Thai Basil, Basil, Oregano, and Parsley


Fresh herbs are great!
You can use dried Italian seasoning though too.

Place Herbs and scallions together in food processor and chop them up.


All chopped up herbs.

Then get a large bowl add herbs and bowl of spinach sausage mix to it.

Add 5 eggs

(I could’ve used more if i had them or add some liquid egg whites)

add light cream mix all together

Should be soup like consistency with eggs and cream

add mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and garlic powder to mix

Make sure its well mixed

Spray Glass dish with Olive oil spray

Add mixture

Bake at 350 for 35 – 45 minutes






The edges should be slightly brown.

Hope you Enjoy!

Please let me know how you like it and what changes you may have made.


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