Easy Peasy Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt Freezie Recipe : High Protein Low Calorie

Photo credit Bexterspice.com

Did you know?
A Vanilla bean pod is the fruit of a variety of orchid. AND That takes close to a year to get to its finished state! I did not. You learn something new everyday!
Photo credit Bexterspice.com

Today I’m sharing an original recipe of my own.

I am slightly obsessed with Greek Yogurt!

As you will soon see.

What you will need:

A mixer or hand whisk (to burn more calories)

A spatula

Metal cupcake tin

Large Ziploc bag or container


2 cups Greek Plain Yogurt
1 Vanilla Bean Pod
Stevia Sweetener
Splash of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (to thin the yogurt a little bit)


Scrape 1/2 the beans out of the pod and add to yogurt in mixer or bowl

add 1 tablespoon stevia

mix with whisk beater attachment or by hand

add splash of milk and whip.

Taste — add more vanilla bean, stevia, or milk to your liking. (not too much milk though)

Pour in cupcake tins and place in freezer

20 minutes later whip each cup with fork & put back in freezer

whip again 20 min later and then let freeze until hard.

Pop each yogurt serving out of cupcake tin with a butter knife

Put in Ziploc container or bag for an easy single serving of dessert anytime you’d like.


Makes 12 individual servings.

This is my original recipe

Please let me know how you like it and any modifications that made it even better!

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