Stressed Again!!!

If you’re anything like me all the little things add up to one big ball of stress. I am usually great at handling my stress but at times I let it get the best of me. I was planning to make a nice dinner and looking up recipes to post. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Someone asked me the wrong question at the wrong time and tried to explain it by telling me I had no stress in my life right now!!! Okay I am a stay at home mom and currently off of school until next week but my life is far from free of stress. For one I have a one year old who is going through her terrible twos… Then I  have this lovely diet Ive just started that makes you  cranky until  your body gets used to it and a whole slew of other unmentionable issues swirling around me. I almost feel sometimes that when I am working full time again and not home all day I may actually have less stress. At least this is my theory. The constant repetition of get up and go to work everyday by myself I really feel might be a stress reliever for me. I’m not sure if my theory is true or not but it will be some time before I am able to test it out. Until then I will have to try and practice my mindfullness techniques more. I think that if I am able to get out and go to the gym it will also help me out a lot. Any ideas or thoughts are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Stressed Again!!!

  1. Hey hon ,being a stay at home mom can be so stressful ,it helps if you can get out and exersize with other people ,I know you like the things you do at home ,but human contact is so important.Did your walking club go anywhere? Stress is a real downer and can lead to depression ,be careful hon….here if you need me

    • Thanks Barb. It’s tough with us only down to one car right now but I got out this morning and took baby for a short walk around the condos. Helped a lot for both of us I think. She was very cranky yesterday and today shes like a whole different baby! Thank the lord. Sometimes we all have days like that you know. I have been so busy trying to get the house clean and everything ready for me to start school again in a few days. My teacher certification course is all online so hopefully she will allow me to get my work done when I need to.

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